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For many years , the fury of the demon army has plunged entire universes into darkness . Humanity has named this evil army the black army . The black army burned the worlds so fiercely that these flames were strong enough to burn every place where human beings lived and all the cultures they built . While Gregor was hunting in the forest , he heard a sound . When he looked at the voice coming from the cave , he saw a portal and went inside . Gregor had teleported to the elven realm that had been devastated by the black army . Not wanting this to happen to his world either , Gregor ran towards the portal . Meanwhile , he came across an elf princess who was running away from the fire . He took her with him , and they sealed the Gate together . Thus , the dark army was now trapped in the elven realm .

Gregor's Notebook Teaser - Vercial Games
Vercial Games

Gregor's Notebook Teaser - Vercial Games

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